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What do your Facebook postings say about your business?

Facebook is an excellent tool for advertising your business’ services. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re probably missing out on a whole community of clients. You post weekly advertisements about your business to Facebook. The time it takes you to shape your message doesn’t take much time, does it? You want your readers to take the time to read your message, so you make it short and sweet. Your English is excellent, so why wouldn’t your Facebook posts also be top?

I belong to every Facebook groups imaginable that has to do with offering services to the expat and internationally minded community in Switzerland. I also belong to a fair share of regional mom and parenting groups, where services are also posted, if applicable to the Facebook community in question. Each day my feed is filled with cross-postings. That means if you make a mistake when you post in one group, it shows up everywhere. The latest winner of a cross-posting with a mistake in the headline, came up in 5 cross-postings.

But what does that mistake mean for your business? If it is a factual mistake, it could mean that you spend a lot of time cleaning up after your message goes live in the form of answering a lot of confused customer questions. It could also mean that you lose a new client before you have a chance to win them over in person. If your message wasn’t clearly written, the reader may ignore your message altogether. If it is really a messy mistake, a reader may go as far as to remove future messages from you from their newsfeed.

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